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Fun, colourful and irresistible….hmm…that best describes pelava’s Resinate range.  Women of all ages are big lovers of the glossy resin and the clean oval lines of Resinate.

Resinate is made from sterling silver and resin. The resin is weightless so keeps the jewellery comfortably light to wear. Even though the earrings are quite substantial they are definitely not too heavy.  

The rings have adjustable bands so can be worn on any finger, which is always a bonus.  The two components of the pendant are joined freely so there is movement, which I really like. I kinda prefer the red and black on neoprene and the blue and green on sterling silver changes, but I often mix it up depending on the outfit.  

One thing I love about this range is the flexibility of the bold colours. Sometimes customers just love one particular colour but are hesitant to go ahead with their choice because they don’t particularly wear that colour a great deal. 

That’s the beauty of this range! Just wearing the blue for example with green or red or any other block colour, creates a contrast that is really striking and gives the piece the standout feature status that it deserves. So you just have to trust your initial gut instinct. The beautiful bold colours of this range make it a must have for summer!

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