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I have been experimenting in the arts for many years. I have worked with textiles, ceramics, glass and metal. A major influence for my Pelava range comes from my fascination with modernist architecture and interiors.  Frank Lloyd Wright’s work – his mastery of mixing materials and form in nontraditional ways. The mix of structural geometric forms and free flowing organic lines are reflected in my work.

My lifetime of journeying and adventuring across Australia and the world has provided fertile ground for my creative visions to grow with each adventure. My inspirations are varied – from the raw landscapes of Australia through to the ancient cities across Europe. The cultural differences of Turkey and the Middle East to the rawness and complexity of many African countries. These experiences have influenced many ideas and forms in my jewellery.  I loved the bold neck-pieces and arm ornaments of the many African tribes I spent time with, especially the Masaii – to me it’s ironic how these pieces almost represent slavery and bondage even though these people are free of such things, in some cases they are still prisoners to their restrictive cultural law (especially woman) and their harsh dictators. I was also very much taken by the antique Native American jewellery with the very high quality turquoise and very bold and ornamental settings… Amazing designs that are lost in the newer work but if you are lucky enough to find the original pieces they are spectacular.

Of course I can’t go past the vintage influence, where originally the name of my business came from – a gorgeous 1950’s frock bearing the label ‘Pelava’.  I love the 60’s and 70’s too. The designs in the wallpaper, carpet and fabrics are so cool and creative, they really knew what they were doing – absolutely no limitations and not catering to the masses… Just doing whatever crazy stuff they wanted to!

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