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What's all the fuss about...

pelava's contemporary silver jewellery designs combine a modernist retro feel with an original twist creating pieces which are both beautiful and timeless.

Strong geometric forms mix it with organic shapes, each with a pure simplicity that shines through. pelava prides itself on creating sterling silver pieces that are distinctive, wearable and highly versatile. Each piece can be worn over a lifetime with its beauty never fading. pelava - its beyond fashion!

Leonie is always working on new designs to keep the pelava jewellery range fresh and new. This is the part of the process which keeps the label unique and different!  It is also stimulating and keeps that momentum for change, which is essential in a label that is constantly evolving.

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Leonie Wilson - Creator of Pelava

Leonie Wilson is the creative force behind pelava. A traveller by heart she wandered the world and tried her hand in the arts in all its guises. Landing in cowboy country in Arizona, USA she honed her design skills and so gave birth to her career in jewellery design.

A lover of modernist architecture, these structural geometric forms mixed with free flowing organic lines is reflected in her work. Her lifetime of journeying has provided fertile inspiration for her creative visions – from the raw landscapes of Australia through to the ancient cities across Europe. Get in touch with Leonie

To adorn women of all ages with contemporary silver jewellery that is uniquely beautiful and timeless. pelava's designs will continually morph into fresh new ranges creating stylish and unique pieces. Browse my online shop and secure your special piece.